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How does it work?

Therapy starts with what is happening for you right now. You may be thinking of starting therapy because you have something you'd like to work on, something specific and time-limited, like adjusting to a new role or processing the end of a relationship. It may be something more vague, like wanting to figure out why you're feeling - or not feeling - a certain way. You might begin with a short-term goal and then decide to segue into some deeper work; you might think at first that you'd like to delve deeply and then choose not to. It will be up to you. 

During our conversations, my role as your therapist will be to be present with you, no matter what comes up for you, and to always strive to be curious, steadfast, non-judgemental and kind. As your trust develops you may go deeper into who you are and how you feel, and into your history. You may begin to identify patterns, habits of being and relating; to trace the threads which connect you to your life. The work will be led by you. I will listen, and there may be questions along the way. An important thing to remember is that I am trained to listen carefully. To listen for what you are trying to tell me even when you are at your most quiet; even when you are silent. To listen, to bear witness, and to support you in your work to better understand yourself.

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